How to organise your jewellery


How to organise your jewellery


Just how necklaces manage to become knotted together whilst lying in a drawer, on a surface or even in a jewellery box is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Twenty, frustrating minutes of untangling later and you don’t even want to wear it anymore. Fear not, we have the answer. By upcycling an old mirror, you can create a personalised storage space for your jewellery - perfect for you, your creative teenager or anyone who fancies getting stuck into some DIY. 

Step 1 - Prepare

Gather the mirror that you'd like to upcycle, some funky drawer pulls, door handles or ornaments (which will be the hooks) and some Sugru. Remember if you’d like to involve your kids, you can use this chance to try out our Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Sugru. Something like an IKEA Tosterup handle is a clever way to create a little extra shelf space for make-up too.

Step 2 - Prepare the Sugru

Open your pack of Sugru (we used one single-use pack and divided it into four segments, which was enough for our 3 handles and a mini shelf). Roll the segments into balls ready to stick and shape onto the handles. A little Sugru goes a long way, but, remember to base how much you use on how weighty the handles are.  

Step 3 - Stick & Shape

Stick one small ball of Sugru onto the bottom of one of the handles and mould it into a cone shape which you can then press down onto the sides of the mirror. When you press down, the Sugru will spread out at the edges, which is easy to tidy up with your fingers. If you want to make it really neat, our top tip is to wet your finger with some soapy water. 

Now repeat with all your handles! 

Step 4 - It turns into rubber

Once you've finished, lay it on a flat surface and if you need to, secure the handles with a bit of tape. Leave to cure for 24 hours and your Sugru will set strong and durable.  

Step 5 - Create more storage

If your mirror is already hanging on the wall, it’s a good precaution to secure the handles with a bit of tape to ensure that they stay in place whilst your Sugru cures. In 24 hours your creation will be a fully fledged jewellery and make-up organiser. No more tangled necklaces! 

Feeling inspired? We hope so! Whether you’re a hoarder, an organiser or an amateur handy-person, there’s a whole world of storage solutions out there waiting to be created with upcycled homeware. We love to hear all about the wonderful things that our community has created with Sugru, so be sure to share your organisation hacks with us! 

Want more? Visit our DIY page for lots more hacks and ideas. 

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